ACP - A Nurse's Perspective

With the ACP coming up we thought you should hear a nurse's perspective. Nikki Kirchner BSN, RN, CNRN, CRRN, SCRN is an amazing nurse who works on an acute impatient unit at a University Hospital. This is her perspective on Essential Health's Aromatherapy Certification Program:


I “fell” into my first class (literally I had broken my hand and foot one week apart and was on leave from work for 3 months…)  I suddenly found myself “available” and as I love to learn, and have the utmost respect for Denise’s knowledge and integrity as a nursing professional, I decided “what the heck”…

I truly had NO idea what to expect, especially about aromatherapy!  I have been a Charge nurse at a University hospital for over 33 years, and even though I have studied and participated in several forms of energy work to facilitate the care and healing of my patients, I had never before taken aromatherapy seriously.  Looking back, I have NO idea why I had previously “overlooked” aromatherapy, but boy was I in for the shock of my life!

I sat in my first class, uncertain and a bit ambivalent - and low and behold, our first day was ORGANIC CHEMISTRY…


After the first waves of shock dissipated, and I was able to really focus on what Denise was sharing with us (along with 4 cups of espresso and a scone), it was like a light bulb switched on and I discovered I was in for the ride of my life!

Now with all due respect for my previous education, I fully understood organic chemistry was important (Ok NOT easy either) - but it was in my VERY distant past and honestly, really didn’t openly affect my day to day life and practice in a “real” way. I never really thought about it.  In that first class I discovered many things. The first was, organic chemistry doesn’t have to be frightening and overwhelming, it can be understandable, relevant, and even exciting in a practical way! For me, it was an incredible feeling to be able to reach out into the dregs of my past, and have glimmers of familiarity that made real sense to me. One of the many gifts Denise has, was making all this understandable to a wide variety of learners, even those who had never had organic chem. It was mind blowing.

Robert Tisserand (biochemist) was also one of many impelling “finds” for me. I bought his book in the first week.  Denise’s research studies are outstanding, and for the left-brain part of me, completely enthralling. With her mentorship and support, it has inspired HUGE changes in my entire environment.

In Denise’s class, there is no judgment.  It didn’t matter who you were, what your background was, we were all at a level playing field and there to learn, help, inspire and create.

And finally, what I really learned, was that aromatherapy is not a “woo-woo” practice! It is based on science and perhaps a bit of the unknown but what enthralls me is the “blending” (pun intended) of art and science to facilitate well-being and even healing in fellow humans in a creative, practical, meaningful (and affordable) way.  This class has forever changed and inspired me.


Oh, and by the way I need to say:  “The views expressed on the blog are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer.”