France, Essential Oils and Resiliency

This summer I studied Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy in France with Rhiannon Lewis. Rhiannon is an icon in the aromatherapy community and a marvelous teacher. It was an amazing trip. I learned more than I expected, met many wonderful people and explored mountains and plateaus of beautiful aromatic plants. Some plants we saw were cultivated and some were in their natural habitat. I was surprised how many plants actually thrive on the rocky, dry mountainside. Transplant them into moist, rich soil and they might not survive as well. A more challenging climate improves the plant’s resiliency. (That is a metaphor for some humans I know and love.)

Resilient plants’ essential oils are usually more robust than those from pampered plants. Plants create essential oils to protect and maintain their health. When a tree sustains an injury to its bark, it may create an essential oil resin to seal the injury. Plants that live in a damp area where harmful bacteria, fungus, or virus flourish might create an essential oil to protect the plant from disease. Essential oil might defend a plant from insects. Essential oils can also help our health and resiliency.

My training in France not only reinforced the fact that the chemistry of essential oils helps determine which oils fit which therapeutic outcome, it connected me more deeply with the gorgeous plants that produce those essential oils.

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