Denise Joswiak

Essential Health was created by Denise Joswiak as a result of her ongoing quest to promote and improve health. During her 37 year career as a nurse at Allina Health, Denise enjoyed educating, teaching Transformative Nurse Training, Infant Massage, Stress Reduction, Aromatherapy and other classes involving self-care and integrative therapies. It was her passion for integrating holistic practices that led her to create the Aromatherapy Program for Allina Health. After the creation of this program, she co-authored articles presenting research validating the legitimacy of clinical aromatherapy. She has since spoken internationally about the effectiveness of this program, and the importance of holistic care.

The success and patient impact of this program inspired the creation of Essential Health, with the mission to provide the highest quality aromatherapy education and consultation for healthcare sites, healthcare practitioners and individuals who wish to use essential oils safely and effectively.

Through Essential Health, Denise offers personal and healthcare site/system consultations. We have experience creating evidence-based aromatherapy programs for hospitals, large healthcare systems, clinics, hospice, and long-term care facilities. Our extensive knowledge regarding how to implement safe and effective use of essential oils, plus our dedication to holistic nursing ensure that you are able to create a safe, inexpensive, effective aromatherapy program in alignment with the Institution for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim Initiative and The Joint Commission’s 2018 statement announcing the responsibilities for providing nonpharmacologic modalities for managing pain.

Essential Health’s 235-hour Aromatherapy Certification Program provides deeper levels of information about natural products and essential oils, detailed science, hours of blending in class, and the ability to easily create products and share information with others. Our curriculum is comprehensive and our instructors provide a relaxed, enjoyable environment. Our ACP is approved by NAHA for Levels 1 and 2. We passionately provide the highest quality aromatherapy education for healthcare sites, healthcare practitioners and individuals who wish to use essential oils safely and effectively—and we always have fun while doing it! CEUs are provided for nurses and massage therapists.


    • Healing Beyond Borders 2018 Conference Speaker
    • Mayo Holistic Health and Wellness Conference - Pre-conference Workshop
    • American Holistic Nurses Association Annual Conference Speaker
    • Alliance of International Aromatherapists
      • Board of Directors - Director

      • National & State Representative
      • Education Committee
    2017 2016
    • Botanica Conference—Speaker: Holistic Aromatherapy; Decreasing Pain, Nausea & Anxiety in Hospitalized Patients, England
    • Journal of Nursing Administration article: Development of a Health System-Based Nurse-Delivered Aromatherapy Program; Volume 46, Number 4, pp 221-225.
    • Complementary Therapies in Medicine article: The effectiveness of nurse delivered aromatherapy in an acute care setting; Volume 25, pp 164-169.
    • Allina Health/George Institute Workshop: How to Successfully Launch an Aromatherapy Program within a Hospital or Health System; MN, USA
    • Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oil Resource Consultants, France
    • Board Certified Holistic Nurse: AHNCC
    • ANCC Nursing Magnet Conference Poster Presentation: Nurse Delivered
      Aromatherapy in a Large Healthcare System
    • Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference: Panel Presentation
    • Member of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine
    • American Holistic Medical Association Poster Presentation: Health-System
      Based Aromatherapy
    • Penny George Institute for Health and Healing Trainer
    • Aromatherapy Certification Program Teacher Training: Aromahead
    • Clinical Aromatherapist: Aromahead
    • Bachelor of Science Nursing: Augsburg College
    • Healing Touch Level 3 Student
    • Advanced Graduate Program: Aromahead
    • Aromatherapy Certification Program: Aromahead
    • EFT level 2 Student
    • Reiki Master
    • Transformative Nurse Training: PGIHH
    • Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner: RJ Buckle Aromatherapy for Healthcare Professionals
    • Certified Infant Massage Instructor: IAIM/WINC
    • Certified Lactation Counselor: ALPP
    • Certified Childbirth Educator: ICEA
    • Basic Swedish Massage Techniques: Healing Arts Educational Center, MN
    • Associate Degree Nursing: IHCC, MN

    A Message of Thanks:
    Several amazing, intelligent people have mentored me and nurtured my passion regarding integrative health, aromatherapy, education and training: Mary Ellen Kinney, Andrea Butje, Lisa Baker, Rhiannon Harris, and Cheryl Kirchner. I am filled with gratitude and wish to thank them. Many thanks to Mike and Josh for their intuitive counseling, photographer Sarah Joswiak, art director Jessica Banks, website wizard Peter Griggs, and intern Nicole Finnegan for their expertise and hard work. I also thank my family and friends for their unfailing support as this dream became reality! -Denise Joswiak