Healthcare System Consultation

Healthcare System Consultation

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We are uniquely qualified to help hospital systems & healthcare sites implement the use of essential oils and other integrative therapies as a part of patient care. Send us an email so we can meet your institution's specific needs.

Essential Health LLC will help you develop an exceptional essential oil program for use in a healthcare site or an entire healthcare system.

Check out research showing the benefits of Aromatherapy in patient care:

Final Product and Added Value:

Our experience creating aromatherapy programs both for hospitals and a large healthcare system, our extensive knowledge regarding how to implement safe and effective use of essential oils, plus our holistic nursing background ensure that you are able to create a safe, inexpensive, effective aromatherapy program in alignment with the Institution for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim Initiative. 

We will:

  • offer recommendations will be based on research and the most recent safety guidelines.
  • provide essential oil recommendations for your targeted patient/client population.
  • assist with design and/or provide training for healthcare providers and practitioners, including chemistry and therapeutic properties of essential oil products using evidence-based data.
  • assist with creation of training materials for healthcare providers.
  • assist with creation of patient/client education.
  • interface with all stakeholders and healthcare departments and committees as needed.
  • support you through the creation and implementation of your program.
  • provide ongoing support as needed.

Goals and Objectives:

    • Your aromatherapy program will be inexpensive, safe, and effective.  
      • Your healthcare practitioners and providers will be well informed of how to discuss the essential oil products with patients/clients.
        • Your healthcare practitioners and providers will be able to answer questions regarding chemistry and interactions with medical conditions/medications.  
          • Your program will have patient education to support essential oil use.  
            • Documentation will be in place to comply with therapeutic intervention standards and monitor effectiveness.